Since 1984, the World Health Organization (WHO) has engaged with the sporting world to promote healthy lifestyle, the benefits of regular physical activity and to fight the use of drugs. The Global Sports Federation (GSF) was constituted under the guidance of United Nations Sports for Development and Peace (UNSDP).

GSF conducts tournaments of different games worldwide to boost sports. The youths of the world are the golden assets but they are derailing due to lack of proper guidance and very limited access to involve themselves in any productive activities. GSF gives them the opportunity to engage in sports over the boundary for bringing peace and prosperity in the society.

GSF is open to all for becoming its part through its different wings of sports and region. The Country, Sub-continental and continental committees are forming with the approval of GSF headquarters. Any sporting club, sporting association, sporting federation, sports management board could be a GSF member, at any time.

The Global Sports Federation works for the policy and development of sports for peace, over the world.

The Global Sports Federation is a UN body accredited with the United Nations Office on Sports for Development and Peace (UNOSDP), headquarters located in Switzerland. The election of the Executive Committee was held in 2017 and the new committee has been elected by show of votes. The president of the MCCI, Nancy de Sousa, was elected to the executive board of the GSF.


This organization is supporting the development of sports, because, the UN now put equal emphasis on sports as part of with the economy of nations. Sports has become the second largest GDP contributor in the European countries. Other countries of the world are also following the same trend.

UNOSDP will manage and arrange tournaments of different games over the globe. Bloemfontein is now part of this development.


The first Sports Conference under the new leadership was held in Bloemfontein in May 2017. It was a 3-day conference with speakers who are at the top of their fields in bringing change to the perception we have and introduce the latest research. It truly was an eye-opener to what is being done in the firls of sports in other countries.