To all MCCI members,

Welcome to the SACCI Landing Page.  On this page you will find:    Outsourcing does Constitute the takeover of a Business!!! - by labour law expert and Chair of the SACCI Labour committee: Ivan Israelstam.
    Invitation to business seminars, business breakfasts with top business people.
    Invitation to meetings with high level individuals from the Public Sector.

If you attend some of these events you will be able to network with people you might never have met otherwise.

How will this interaction be implemented

    If you are interested in attending functions, seminars and TRAINING, you must send an email to OR and tell us what you
       plan to attend OR what type of information you would like to get from SACCI’s Office.
    We will forward your request to the person at SACCI after which you will receive a booking confirmation, or the information you request.
    From MCCi’s office we will capture data so that we can statistically determine what the average type of information is most popular as well as topics and/or       
       speakers. If there is enough interest, we can - with the support of SACCI - arrange for the speaker(s) to speak at one of MCCI’s business breakfasts.




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